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Meet the friendly staff at Prioux Chiropractic Center!

Dr. David Prioux Jr.


Dr. David Prioux Jr.


First of all, thank you for being interested enough in our practice to check us out. One thing to know is Dr. Lok and I are very passionate about Chiropractic, and we have a staff, Melissa, Connie and Amanda that truly love our Patients. We all are dedicated to provide professional, loving service to all who trust us enough to come in. 😊

For me, Chiropractic is almost a spiritual thing. I know God is our creator, and he created an amazing, self healing body. I believe the power that made the body, heals the body. With Chiropractic we remove the interference, and reconnect the brain (neuroplasticity). The body heals when connected to the brain, it’s really that simple. I pray everyday for God to guide me to find and correct that interference on every single person I touch.

My Chiropractic story:

I come from a family that went to the Chiropractor. Starting with my Grandfather, Gmother and Dad and Mom, Aunts and Uncles, I’ve been adjusted since I was 5 years old. I never had major problems or sickness as a kid, and it’s funny how God works. You see, around 15 years old I had a problem of not knowing what I wanted to be. I loved working on cars, but found out real quick I didn’t love other people’s cars, LOL. I took some architect classes, but didn’t like that either. I would try to avoid career days because of the frustration. Well, one day I hurt my lower back lifting weights in football offseason. It was the first time I had a sustained pain. We went to our family Chiropractor, and after a few adjustments, he fixed me! I was amazed, and it was because of that pain that sparked an interest, and after more literature and explanation given by my Chiro., I decided to be a Chiropractor. One side note, I was severely injured at 19 years old in a car accident. My upper spine was twisted. I missed 2 weeks of college and 1 month of work because of neck pain and headaches. Once again, my Chiropractor, this time after several months fixed me! These 2 incidents, while painful, were Godsends for my direction in life.

My Education:

I graduated from Port Neches- Groves in 1988 and completed pre med courses to fulfill chiropractic school prerequisites from Lamar University. I attended Texas Chiropractic college, and graduated with academic recognition in 1994. I completed 120 hour course on prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care from Life college in 1996 and earned a fellowship from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. I also completed 120 hour course on sports chiropractic from TCC in 1998 and earned the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician distinction. I’ve taken over 300 hours of Applied Kinesiology, and multiple courses in nutrition and natural healing.

Dr. Lucie Lok


dr l


My chiropractic journey started with a passion to help heal. It was during my undergraduate studies when I was first introduced to chiropractic, and saw the body's incredible potential to heal itself. When you restore communication between the brain and the body, the body is able to perform and behave as it innately knows how to do and desires to do. I love that there was a natural approach to pain and the overall function of the body.

I graduated from University of Houston with a Bachelors Degree of Science in Biology, then continued my studies at Texas Chiropractic College where I received my Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2013. With additional post-graduate training, I am also a board certified Acupuncturist, Activator certified, Graston Technique certified, and Webster Technique certified with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

A healthy nervous system is important for everyone, especially developing children. I believe that all children should have access to chiropractic care, even before birth. I couldn't image going through my pregnancy without getting regularly adjusted. I made sure that after my son Paxton was born he got his adjustment soon after. My wish is for all children to have the same great start at life, and for the whole family to be involved in chiropractic care so that everyone can function at their optimal potential.

“A Healthy Person has 1,000 wishes and a Sick person has 1 wish" - It's time to get your health on!”

Dr. Michael Prioux




I am excited to serve the “Golden Triangle”. I have lived in several states but this place will always be home. The doctors and staff here make you feel like family.

My education was a little disjointed (😊) Not knowing exactly what I wanted to do with my life, I joined the Marines one year out of high school. I was taking a few college courses and hurt my back. Although the chiropractor I went to in North Carolina was helpful was helpful, it was my brother David that knocked out the last of my pain with his muscle testing technique (while he was still an intern at Texas Chiropractic College). Impressed, I changed my classes and redirected them to chiropractic. I completed my enlistment in 1997, and graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in 2001.

Books, college, classes and seminars have left a great impression of the amazing abilities of the body. I realize that adjustments and nutrition can have profound effects on health.  My intentions to serve our community with both of those services to the best of my ability. The internet is full of articles and opinions, I am here to use the research and help you feel better!



My name is Melissa Achee. I have been married to my husband David for 30 years and have 2 grown boys. I have worked with Dr. Prioux and his team for 18 years. I love helping others along with my team to make your visit as pleasant and easy as possible. We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding your care, appointment times or insurance questions and if we can't answer your question, we will find out the answer for you. Your care is important to us!



My name is Connie Morgan. My husband Scott and I have 3 children. I have been working in the Chiropractic field for 25 years and have been with Dr. Prioux and his team for 14 years. My smiling face is one of the first faces you will see upon walking in to our office. Helping others is what brought me to becoming a Chiropractic Assistant. Our team is ready to help you from the minute you walk in our office. Your overall health and well being is our focus.


Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "November 13, 2018 ·
    ❤️ awesome staff
    Very professional
    They have saved me from having a procedure."
    Christina Romero
  • "November 14, 2018 ·
    Dr Prioux is the only chiropractor I’ve ever been to that actually bases the visit on a head to toe assessment. Love this man! He is the best and knows what he is doing! My whole family uses him."
    Cheryl Trahan Benoit
  • "December 22, 2018 ·
    I’ve had sinus headaches for almost one year. After trying several medications and discussing a possible surgical procedure, I decided to try chiropractic care first. Since I have been going, I haven’t had a single sinus headache! The adjustments are not only helping my back and body, but also my sinus infections and my TMJ. I am hooked! :) I also love the friendly staff and doctors. Great place!"
    Anessa Hansing
  • "January 31, 2019
    We take our 4M old daughter & see good progress!!"
    Adrian Moreno
  • "Dr. Prioux and Dr. Lux are absolutely wonderful! They are caring and explain everything in layman's terms. I have heard of acupuncture works on many levels but had never experienced it personally. After only a few sessions I was a believer. I went in for anxiety and left feeling grounded and calmer. Thank you, Dr. Lucie Lux for your kindness and support."
    Cindy Graham L.
  • "Great doctors & staff. Recommend 💯 %!"
    Jackie Bergeron B.
  • "What a great experience!!!! Very professional from the first call I made to the office for my appointment to explaining in detail my situation and why they are doing what they were doing to me. Very personable and you feel like you have known them all forever. I highly recommend!!!"
    Brandy McPayne S.